Value-Strategy Toolkit™ Software

Customer Value, Inc.’s Value-Strategy Toolkit™ is personal-computer software used for Market-Value product positioning, pricing, marketing, and selling. It is the successor to CVI's Marketing War Room software. The blueprint for the software is Dr. Bradley Gale’s classic book, Managing Customer Value, the definitive guide for managers on how to define, measure, analyze, and improve customer-perceived value.


Download Value Strategy Toolkit: Developing Successful Product Strategies for ideas on how to:

  • Measure customer perceptions of your products' performance-for-price relative to competitors
  • Identify ways to improve your product's overall performance and value
  • Set prices consistent with performance advantages, to build market share and improve profit margins
  • Sell products based on value rather than on price
  • Coordinate a value-improvement strategy across your line of business.


The current release of the Value-Strategy Toolkit™ has powerful new features for performance measurement and evaluation, value analytics, product improvement simulations, and Market-Value pricing. The new features and benefits will be especially useful for NPD teams, product managers, and go-to-market planners who are evaluating products using engineering performance metrics on key buying factors, rather than just 1-10 scores


The Value-Strategy Toolkit™ uses your data from product specs and expert evaluations, market research, competitive intelligence, industry analysts, sales records, customer satisfaction surveys, business plans and management judgment. It guides you in organizing this data into a coherent format and generates analyses that make it easy for you to derive insights and indicated actions.

Using the software

The Value-Strategy Toolkit’s Control Panel provides a user-friendly interface for running the software. All of the tools described under Analyzing Customer Value, and others, are available in the software.