Our Products and Services

CVI helps clients align their people and processes to the needs of customers, clarify their customer value proposition, and deliver superior performance on the factors customers use to choose among competing suppliers.

We can help you:

  • Understand how your brand stacks up against the competition in the eyes of customers
  • Identify how to reposition your product’s performance and price for competitive advantage
  • Select the management levers best suited to achieve your objectives
  • Align your organization behind your repositioning effort

Customer Value Inc.’s products and services include:

For Product Managers, Market Managers, and Pricing Specialists

Action Learning Courses– focused on teaching customer value management (CVM) techniques. Action learning allows the participants to learn the concepts in the process of analyzing their own products. Participants move toward excellence in their functional disciplines and gain insights for improving their product lines. Programs include two-day workshops on:

  1. Market-Value Pricing and Product Appraisal
  2. Competitive Evaluation of New-Product Concepts
  3. Customer Value Analysis for Growth and Profitability

Value-Strategy Toolkit™ (VST) Software leases -- tools for comparing and improving your products’ performance versus alternative offers.  These tools help companies move from cost-plus pricing to pricing that fully captures the value of performance advantages. The VST provides users with the concepts, techniques, and tools to move toward excellence in their product management, development, marketing, and pricing disciplines.

For General Managers and Business Leaders

Value-Strategy Consulting– help clients use the discipline of Customer Value Management to stem market-share losses, earn market-share gains, and capture price premiums. Help business teams adapt CVM concepts to their division’s products and markets and incorporate the techniques into their management systems.  Help transform companies to become more market driven, customer focused, forward looking, and competitor savvy.

To support Customer-Value Analytics

Market Research for Customer Value Management-- In-depth interviews and customer focus groups to understand customer needs and perceptions about your product’s performance versus alternatives. Online surveys specifically designed to measure customer perceptions about the performance of your products versus competing products.